The OFFICIAL Survey of the...

Moving Strayers

Last updated September 5, 2004

"The Strayers want to share what you think..."

"Finally! At long last! I'm getting around to posting the results for the Strayer Survey. I've collected sooo many it is going to take a while but they will all eventually get posted (I hope) The information you have passed onto me and the Strayer Developement Team. Thanks all of those who have taken the time to help us improve on our product.

Which direction should the series focus on? Votes %
I Don't Know 1 1.12
I have already cast a vote for this 5 5.62
I Like It Just As It Is 43 48.31
More Action 15 16.85
More Comedy 25 28.09

Should Nitro and Bear continue to be friends?
(This was before they were married)
Votes %
I Don't Know 3 3.57
I have already cast a vote for this 6 7.14
They should stay as friends 70 83.33
They should split up 5 5.95

Should Bear catch Shadow?
(This was before "Shadow Boxing")
Votes %
I Don't Know 4 5.80
I have already cast a vote for this 5 7.25
Bear should catch him 37 53.62
He should remain free 23 33.33

What is your favorite episode that the "Strayers" have appeared in? Votes %
I Don't Know 3 3.75
I have already cast a vote for this 4 5.00
Fur of Dog, Skin of Human, Heart of Hero 15 18.75
Reconstructive Surgery 2 2.50
Severed Blood 25 31.25
Shadow Boxing 0 0
Time Out! 0 0
Times, Time and Half a Time 9 11.25
Universal Problems 1 1.25
Wedding Bell Blues 18 22.50
You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks... 2 3.75
You Have Got To Be Kidding 0 0

Which form of Bear do you like better: Bear or Rabid? Votes %
I Don't Know 2 6.45
I have already cast a vote for this 2 6.45
Bear 20 64.52
Rabid 7 22.58

What did you think of the ending to Shadow Boxing?

"It was fine."

"I don't read it."

"Not to sound rude but it was kinda korny."

"I was never able to get into that one."

"Primaraly, yes"

"Very much, It gave him (shadow) his life back."

"Very much so! Shadow can now live his life with his mate in peace."

"Yes, btu perhaps he could appear as someone else's errant cat."

Which should be Bear's wolf name?

"Actually, he should still be called Bear."


"Change bear Back!;



"Rabid is pretty good... I think."

"I'm not very good with names but let me try: T. Wolf as in Timberwolf, Furlong, Howler, Wolf-Bear."

"Alright if people do not want Bear a Malamute I fully put my trust in Democrtic workings. Also here are a few names: Destruction, Powerhouse, Wolforce, Wolfang, Bladestar (Hey it does sound cool) and Kickstick"

"Tim Timber Wolf"

"Rufus, he looks kinda like a red wolf. Red same reason Lupus I'm stuck on scientific names. Bear I think he should stick the name Bear."

"I thought Rabid was fine."




"Keep it like it is "Bear""


"Maloci (Mallo Kai')"

"The Dark Warrior"

For Nitro's Wedding who would make a good Best Man and Maid of Honor?

"Best Man: Either Exile or Hunter. Maid Of Honor: Amani or Puffball... Preferably Amani."

"The best man should be Muzzle, just for the humar in it."

"Star should be...LOL! Come on, who wouldn't want a wisecracking German Shepherd as their Maid-of-Honor? Or, just a Brides Maid for that matter? :) Of course, no one ever listens to me...thanks for listenin' Krankor. as if you don't know who this is!"

"Best Man - Cyclborg, it just be really funny and surprising. Brides Maid - Silver, she's Nitro's mom."

"Maid Of Honor: Colleen, Brides Maids: Dixie, Silver (I dont't know why 'Kay), Star, Cleo, Flowergirl, Bingo (Street Runner Pup when Colleen and Hunter uh...), Best Man: Exile, Bestmen: Hunter, Blitz, Shag, Ring Bearer: Some little puppy that Bear finds. And stuff Kay?"

"For Best Man, I'd say Hunter since he would be able to handle the situation without blowing it. For Brides Maid, I'd say Colleen since she is something of a traditionalist, I would think, since she studies the ancient ways of the Martial Arts. She could handle the position more seriously than the others."

"Exile should be best dog and Amani Brides maid"

"Best Man - colley or cyc, just because it would throw everyone who's thinking it will be hunter, exile, blitz, shag, or even muzzle. Brides Maid - i seriously think puffball should be the brides maid, becuase she's my second fav female char in strayers."

"I feel that Exile should be best man because Exile seems to be the closest to Bear. They seem to talk to each other about their relationships. Amani should be brides maid because what Amani says is true. They work together and spend a lot of time with each other."

"For Bear I would suggest Exile. They are very close friends, and Malamutes and Huskies are related. As for Nitro, either Amani Wolf or Dixie, Amani because she's been with Nitro on some tight spots, and Dixie because she loves Bear and he told him that she actually wished them to live happily."

Where do you think Bear and Nitro should have their wedding?

"Call me sentimental, but New York City's Central Park has always been one of the best places for just this kind of occasion."

"In a vally on a spring day with flowers blooming and flowers bloooming."

"It should be near a lake or someplace around water. I've always thought those were nice."

"Outside the Rovers complex."

What unit do you believe Prowler should call his home?











What should the Grizzlies now do during their retirement?

"Bear: Snowboarding!
Nitro: Hacking!
Amani: Target Pratice!
Puffball: Napping!
Dixie: Shopping!
Prowler: Admiring Himself!"

"Hard to say. I know I liked them teaching at the academy."

"Going to Miami! Perfect place to relax! Or...sleeping?"

Should Prowler have lived or died? Votes %
I Don't Know 0 0
Lived 14 77.78
Died 4 22.22

Should Puffball be changed from a genius to how she was? Votes %
I Don't Know 4 40.00
Change Back 1 10.00
Leave Asis 5 50.00/td>

Should Amani be allowed to rejoin the Grizzlies or be banned for life? Votes %
I Don't Know 0 0
Rejoin 4 100
Banned 0 0

We still have some ideas for stories but we're always open to suggestions.

"It'd be quite interesting if one of the members of the Strayers was kidnapped, and they had to hire a detective human to help them."

Who is your favorite main character from the series and why?

"Nitro, I am an artist and I love to draw. Nitro is fun to draw I also like her attitude. She is very strong willed and I like that in cartoon characters."

"Bear - because he's allways full of surprises."

"Tie Between Bear and Puffball. Why? Puffball is HILARIOUS! And Bear is the action/preaching/cool person of the group!"

"Nitro, she's so cute and funny!"

"I would have to say Nitro. She's serious but at the same time funny."

"Nitro, because she acts like a Mariah Carey with a face of a wolf. She's pretty and kinda acts like her."

"Bear, what can I say, he's got the best and most developed character."

"I liken Nitro and Dixie because I like when they make fun Prowler when he ask them out on a date."

"BEAR, he's a cool thinker and a great leader, besides, he follows his heart, whis says a lot of him, he's also willing to sacrifice himself for those he loves."

"I dunno, I kinda like them all."

"Puffball, definetly. She's the brawn of the group. She also gives us a view of how cats feel."

"Puffball! Why? Because it's not every day that you find a character that's as neat as a cat that changes randomly between normal cat to Felo-Mutant and bac That it? Yup! ^_^"

"Nitro - because she is funny and a timber wolf is my favorite canine and she is so cool like Bear."

"Well Bear is. He is more focus than everyone and makes the main plans for the group. He also cares for his group and even die for them. He is not a cheater nor a scum bag and he may not be the greatest dog in the world but he sure is kind and friendly. Bear has been born to join as a Strayer even if you like it or not. Remember just give the guy a chance and everything will work out great."

"I liked Prowler, not because of the way he tried to get in between bear and Nitro but the way he acted. In shadow boxing my character is used remember Will? Yeah thats me and I was hoping to use Prowler as kind of a role model for Will but since he was killed I can't do that. I think it would be a good idea for you to write a story that goes back a little and has the funeral of Prowler so that Will can show his loss."

"Puffball. Because she's strong, really cool, & plus, I like cats."

"Bear, he just kicks a$$!"

"Bear. He's a guy who has every thing taken from him, his face, his life, his family, his home, his friends (much like Spawn) and yet somhow managed to surface through it and begin a new life with new friends and family. A true tail of hope."

"Well, It would be prowler if i didn't hate him, so I think Puffballs my favorite"


"I like Nitro. Girls rule."

"Bear beacause he acts all big and bad but hes a softy inside."

"Bear because... well... his ego. some-times hes sortof a jerk, and sometimes hes just completely not serious."

"Definitely bear because of the story where he tried to turn himself back into a cano-sapien. That was cool, because of that miracle at the end."

"Nitro, She is headstrong brave, and is willing to get the job done."

"Nitro, She is headstrong, and determined. Just the kind to keep things going."

"Bear. He's got such a great background and interesting life."

"Amani, her intelegence, mechanical know-how and everything about her makes her my fav. I also have a partial kinship to Native Americans, being a Native Alaskin myself (i.e. Eskimo) And Native Alaskin's are a distant relative to Native Americans."

"Bear and Puffball. I like their personalities and Puffball makes things interesting."

"Bear, I like his personality."

"Bear, he thinks things through but knows when to take action."

"Bear, he's not perfert or a superman. He makes mistake but can admit to them and tries to correct them. He is so real."

"Bear: Black is cool!"

"Oh boy... I am a pretty big fan of most of them. I really like Nitro and Bear's characters. Though I like Dixies as well. This is tough."

"Dixie, she's just so cute! Not just cute but I like her attitude. And her past is quite interesting."

Who is your favorite supporting character from the series and why?

"Daniel Morales - because that's me! :P"

"Hmmm.... Have to say Amanda. Why? Because the person she's based on was aa friend of mine (wonder if she was a friend of yours also ;)"

"Krankor, he created the @#%$ series."

"Aside from Colleen (Because she's my fave Rover) I don't have a fave supporting cast member. Although my fave guest stars were Warwolf and Deathwalker."

"You've already answered that! MINE! :oP minemineminemineminemineminemine :)"

"I like Kisha because she is Nitro's sister."

"Well, Dan Morale's Indiana Dog is a preety cool character, and he could be a good asset to chapter or two."

"I dunno."

"Um.......I guess I don't have a favorite."

"Don't have one."

"The Rovers cause they cool and there the ones who save people's butts and everything. The Rovers are the bomb and should be in every story. Rovers rock."

"Will of course. And start using Sarah I give full permission."

"I don't know....o.0"

"Hunter, okay I admit he's not really just a supporting cast member but hey he is in the Strayer series"

"Colleen. She has many layers to her, a person searching for love, an honorable fighter, a comedian and a good spirit. She is hard to defeat in batle yet she is easy to defeat by emotion. A well constructed character."

"Hmmm. BJ."


"I like Prowler. He is funny."

"Ummm I would have to say Dixie cause she has a hugre crush on rabid/bear but he keeps refuesing her but shes a greate help and knows alot about wepions."

"The master because hes "da boss"

"The Road Rovers. They're cool and of the course the ones who started it all."

"Ramses. The sight of a warrior like him could being fear into the most unworthy and unhonorable of foes."


"The Admiral, he gives Bear the most trouble and he always has a back up plan."

"Amani, she's smart, fun and an Indian. She's unique and cool!"

"Stef: She is one mean $#%&!"

"I liked Catmans character, I know it starts with an O, but dont remember how to spell it."

"Meowette! Her attitude seems fun. And I like her name!"

Who is your favorite villain/villainess from the series?

"Wyoming, she's sexy, cunning and evil. Plus she has style and a neat background. All the great makings of a perfect villianess!"

"Wyoming: She's sneaky!"

"There are some good ones for the series. I like Eliminator myself. Though thats a tough call."

"Petal more surely! Not sure why. But, I admire that character."

What do you like most about the Strayer series?

"The Mystry Not to mention the charactars have shadowy pasts but are good so it adds intruge."

"The characters."

"The intrigue with non-goody goody people. Bear and Shadow come to mind."

"I like everything. It's a great series. Some parts are full with action, some with comedy, some are normal, and recently some are even a little romantic."

"Everything but especially Bear and those tie ins to certin seiries."

"I'm not sure, everything is so great!"

"I LOVE the comedy, I really think you've outdone yourself on this one!"

"I don't know"

"The Characters are well developed and it's pretty cool!"

"I think that Bear is cool. He needs to keep his TUFF man attudud."

"I like the innovation of the characters and talents powers whatever-you-want-to-call-them. Also the fact that they're teamed up with the RR's is another good fact. If the RR's got captured by Parvo the Strayers could go rescue them or vice-versa. Of course that did happen in Fur of Dog... Heart of Hero... All RR's except Hunter were caught. Maybe the RR's can repay the favor."

"That it isn't writen by Tim Allen."

"Bear as a MALAMUTE, NITRO, AMNI, PUFFBALL, CYCLE BORG, in other words I like the charactars."

"Almost everything."

"I love the interaction with the Rovers. It also has a lot of action."

"Bear as a MALAMUTE!"

"I like everything! You are doing a good job!"

"You name it."

"The fact you give us a chance to vote on what we like it is very democratic most pages do not do this."

"The fact that it's like Road Rovers but has more to it."

"Mostly its action and suspense."

"I dunno really, Steve%2C but I must admit that these scripts reel me in. I get into one and I really can't put it down. YOU MADE ME STAY UP TWO HOURS AFTER I SIGNED OFF IRC LAST NIGHT - Your scripts are that captivating."

"The characters I like their different personalities."

"I think it's cool that Nitro can take care of herself."

"The surprises, the excitment. Practically everything about it."

"The fact that its got great writers (Though, Bryan Myers needs to stop writing in past tense) and is the perfect blend of well... Everything! Religon, comedy, action, romance, suspense, etc."

"It's funny (but I hate the swearing and cursing), and it's a bit heartwarming."

"The action. It's great! The romance is okay, but I think we need a LOT less of it in the series."

"That Bear and Nitro getting married. And they should get another character."

"The action."

"Everything. I love it all!!!"

"The action and comedy, and the Rovers cameos."

"I love every thing. Uh you know the obsession thing?"
Uh, no.

"The action and intrigue in each episode keeps me waiting to see what happens next (Like a good show or Comic, or wrestling event like Wrestlemania does.) The Romance sub-plots are also interesting."

"Everything rocks."

"i can not decide. its jsut so good in every way. but i would say its teh perfect mix of comedy and action i've seen."

"I like the action and level of humor. It is more mature. I especially like how emotions are shown frequently. It is also cool how the Grizzlies interact with the Rovers."

"Unlike other stories, Strayers has a special touch, each member has a very special personality which makes them unique, while this happens in other stories, the Strayers do mantain a balance between the characters."

"It's charecters."

"It's funny & action packed! But then again isn't that's why everyone likes ANY road rovers spin offs or anything like that?"

"The pictures and the warm scenes with Bear and Nitro."

"The detail and and information. Well i am already writing some Strayers storys on the story page but the information, action, romance, talk and everything eles fits in the series. Read the storys for yourself and your see that i am right."

"I like watching Bear and Nitros relationship come along."

"That it's really cool & there's more action & it's a little less corny than Road Rovers (don't get me wrong though, I'm a die hard fan of Road Rovers.)"

"Everything, the description, the characters, it's perfect!"

"I like the idea of a dark Road Rovers series. I always liked Road Rovers because the Road Rovers was not show about super heroes, it was a show making fun of super heroes. I also like the dark "anti-heroes" such as Punisher and Spawn. They aren't really super heroes but just people defending their turf or just doing their job. I like how you are able two meld together these two cool styles of shows and put them into a great series."

"Umm...Jee, I don't know."


"The stuff with the wolf pack"

"The action comedy and romance."

"Mainly just the story line and whatever that other word im searching is."

"The story line. nuff said."

"The realisim it creates, and the fact you work in Bible verses, and the teachings of Jesus Christ."

"EVERYTHING!! The whole series is awesome."


"I like the idea that the Rovers have others out there, helping others when they're not able to."

"Everything, but I really like the characters."

"Characters and how Road Rovers are often included."

"EVERYTHING!!!!!! But mostly the characters and storylines."

"It is so different than the other spinoffs out there. It is more plot orientated rather than gimick orientated. Plus there isn't high body counts, blood and violence. Fun for the whole family!"

"The conflicts: Everyone doesn't get along and everthing doesn't work out all the time."

"I like the blend and how everything flows. The stories are involved and yet lighten themselves with humor. The characters are belivable and well developed. I could go on and on."

"The comedy!"

What do you like least about the Strayer series?


"The only thing I don't REALLY like, it's still OK, is I think that there should be more R.R."
Well, it IS a spin-off of a sorts so if I they were on any more I'd have to call the series Stray Road Rovers! :O)

"Quitea bit of romancing."

"I look everywhere and still I can't find one thing that I shouldn't like about Strayers."

"One word for you SHADOW!!!"
Well, if you liked him he'd be a hero! :o)


"Are you nuts? I couldn't name 1 thing bad about this if my life depended on it!"

"That you havn't finshed the episode You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks But You Can't Make Him Perform"

"Well maybe the dialouge can change."

"I really do not like Puffball. He is so AANNOYING!"

"Furball! Need I say more?"

"There are no Lemurs in this cartoon!!!"

"That BEAR has been turned into a WOLF-MUTANT, I also like the name BEAR."

"You didn't finish the scirpt You can teach an old dog new tricks but you can't make him perform."

"The consant fights between the Rovers and Bear."

"Bear as a Wolf Mutant!"


"I think Puffball is stupid."
Puffball may be slow but she is NOT stupid.

"The fact you have not updated recently and the fact you did not give a very cool Transformation sequence from Steve. Did you have to use your name to Bear while you gave a cool discription of how Bear transended to Rabid? By the way why did Bear's fur to geletin could this mean that the goo was at fualt for his transformation?"
Well, the Transdogmafier process is a set sequence not of my doing so I couldn't really tweak on it any further. This was not the case with Rabid since the process was all mine I could do what I wanted with it. As far as the gelitan I wanted the readers to realize that Bear was totally transformed, turning to gel there was no mistaking for that.


"Its lack of comedy."

"Could you make make a bunch of more episodic bits rather than movie-length scripts."


"Bear is alwas so serious... He should be less unhappy."


"The fact that everybody always gets ALMOST killed. It scares the h*ll out of me. :P"

"Haven't found any problems yet"

"The constant swearing!"

"The bible references. Once in a while is fine, but not in every story."

"None at all."

"The prolonged relationship talk scenes between Bear and Nitro."

"Prowler is dead."

"The fact that I don't know if puffball is male or female!!"

"Needs a bit more comedy, plus more Rovers."


"The fact that there are a few things that have never been told that really confuse me. For example, how did Bear (Rabid) and Shadow first meet? Plus, what happens to some of the key points in the stories? Near the end, they almost become moot. This is the only hindrance I see in an otherwise great series."



"I pretty much like it all. There is nothing I don't like about it."

"Actually, nothing, except maybe that you have me waiting on the edge of my seat for the conclusion to the wedding."

"Prowler, he's such a..."

"Hmmmm... nothing!"

"You need to have a page telling what is updated on the site."
True, but if I did it would take ages to load. In this point in time I have 132 pages of updates. Besides, if you go to my Road Rover site there is place where you can add yourself to a mailing list and get notified of changes that way.

"Bear is way to strict relegion wise and tries to rub it off on other people."
We wouldn't call Bear strict. Maybe passionate, but not strict. Since Strayers takes place in America he is using his right of free speech. Of course, that also means people are free to tell him to shut up.

"That it's still kinda corny like Road Rovers."

"I HATE what you did with Shadow!!! You turned one of the most evilest, vilest villians I ever knew and turned him into a wimp. Krankor, you're one of my faviorate writters (really) and I don't want to say "I don't like that, change it". All I'm saying is that you sold Shadow out. You turned him into somthing he wasn't, a hero. I just wish Shadow would have left the series with a little villinous honor."
We really struggled over this one. Shadow was a great villian but he had out lived his stay. There were just so many ways you could come up with saying "little ant." Because this there had to be two reasons that Shadow would leave the series. He was killed or he found something more interesting. I couldn't do the former because Shadow was not my character. Evern if I could I wouldn't, that would have been a slap in the face. So the only other option was for him to leave. But it had to be for a really good reason. What better reason for love? We wanted Shadow's departure special and surprising. From the reaction we got it sure was. We also wanted show Shadow having some what of a heart, he wasn't all pure evil (another twist) So we ended up with the current ending. Yet, we did not set it in stone. Just beause Shadow says he is going straight doesn't mean he will continue down that path. If we wanted to do that we would have had following stories of him with a wife and family behind a white picket fence. In fact in the next story, Reconstructive Surgery, we hinted that he didn't. But the bottom line is that Strayers is my series so if you didn't like the ending then I'm the one to blame. I'm sorry.

"Don't know."



"I really like everything theres nothing i dont like about the series."


"Whats not to like?"

"Whats not to like?"

"Not much to dislike about it."

"What's there to dislike? NOTHING!"


"All the Bible referances. It's good to have them once in awhile. It can even make it better if used sparingly."

"Nothing I like everything."

"Well, there is... Who am I kidding? There is nothing not to like!"

"That we have to wait a week between updates!"

"Not much I didn't like. The only things I really didn't care for were so minor that they are not worth saying."

"Nothing really! It's all good!"

Do you have any other comments about Strayers?

"I'd like an episode or mini-series where Bear meets up with either his Parents, Girl friend, friends or siblings."

"Strayers are cool! Duh."

"As Talon I must support Shadow. Altough I thnk the Strayrs should be more worried about the cruel Grendle."

"This is a special series. It should live forever. And Bear should stay with Nitro too."

"I would like to see a alternitive universe or universes such as a cross over to the universe I made up where Bear is a Strayer and he dates Maria or you could use other movie page ideas."

"It's awesome! I think you should have this on Kid's WB!"
That would be cool! Even on CN!


"Finish You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks But You Can't Make Him Perform"

"It's great!"


"Not much..."

"Beady, Beady, Beady..."

"Take a sensus on wheter BEARshould become a malamut again or if he should be a wolf especaily to meet his FAMILY I would like him to be a MALAMUTE."

"It's great!"


"Keep going! You are doing a good job!"

"It's about time for some more characters based on Road Rovers."

"Love the Storys and just to say it CHANGE BEAR BACK!!! Also please give me your reactions to what I wrote."

"Is Silver appearing in the wedding or Shadow Boxer?"
Silver appeared in Wedding Bell Blues.

"Absolutely love Bear and Nitro (character-wise) though Amani and Puffball could use some more characterization."

"I really think their cool. I was wondering do you want to do an Allstar thingie with all the spinoffs plus the Rovers?"
Well I don't know about ALL the characters (I have a hard enough time keeping track of the one I already have) But I always welcome guest appearances from other characters.

"It's cool. It should continue. Really great."

"Still laughing my butt off over the "you know what" scene at the end of WBB."

"Keep writing, but lay off the swearing."

"We need a new member for the Grizzlies. And I don't think Prowler fits the bill."
Suggestions/ideas are always welcome.

"Nice job."

"I think the Strayer series needs more Road Rover appearances."

"Keep up the great work!!!!"

"They are so cool! They should be made in to a real TV show!! I'll send in some info on potentoual Strayers with your stamp of Approval of course."

"Not much. Just this: New characters from time to time, Hero or Villian are always a welcome change of pace. No matter how long they stay, or how many episodes after their initial appearance they finally leave (Or get killed.)"

"They are too cool. As soon as I finish some stuff you might want to use some stuff in your strayer stuff like bad guys or good guys."



"I think the Strayers are awsome. Everytime I read a script it amazes me. The action and humor are perfect along with the emotions. It is so full of twists that one never knows what to expect. It would be cool if there was a comic book or a TV show about strayers."

"Krankor, I just want to say: THEY'RE GREAT!!!"

"Yeah, it's one heckuva idea on the part of Krankor!"

"Yes Just that they are really really cool! Thank you for making such cool characters!"
You're welcome. Thanks for reading!

"Just that Strayers are the bomb and they always win. Keep up the good work folks."
We'll try.

"No, just keep up the good work."

"Nope. ot really, exept for will Shag & Puffball ever ge married I hope so,it would be way too cool."

"A few too many spelling and grammatical errors, it makes the storys hard to follow"

"Besides the Shadow factor, the series itself is one of the best I ever read. I just ask you to put in some prequills to some of your stories. Example; the story of Bear's winter training, his famous kiss with Colleen, his first meeting with Shadow, Grendal, etc. Just a little background please. I hate being picky(except with the Shadow thing) but I just think these missing adventures would make great stories."

""Wedding bell blues" was way too long."

"I put the wolf pack in my scripts. I gave some of them names. I also gave Kisna a son named Thunder. The adress for my script page is: I put the Strayers in my scripts. I don't care if you put my scripts on the fan-made works of your script page. From Kristen Coughlan Galaxy Road Rovers"

"Not at this moment but i think there should be more characters or have a contest on who can make the best character."
That is a good idea but honestly I don't think the series is popular enough to have a contest. There would just be a few entries.

"Just keep up the good work."

"Finish your stories before you start another one. thats all i have to say."

"I have enjoyed this series very much and would like to see more"

"Just one. KEEP up the GREAT work!!!"

"Keep it up!"

"Great series even for a spin-off. Keep up the good work."

"Great work just keep them coming!"

"Keep up the great work and never stop!"

"Get a bigger writing staff so stories come out faster!"

"This is tough. I have a good number of ideas, but they just involve missions for the original strayer team or the one when Dixie is involved with them. Though my thoughts on them are still sort of unclear at this time. I know that I would love to see a story that involves turning one of the Rovers into a temporary villan. Possibly by some sort of plan by Parvo to make an enemy into a friend or by something very old that found its way into the world through the heart of a noble soul. though at this time I can't say to much more. Still in thought over it."

"Write more Strayer stories!"

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