The OFFICIAL "Be A Strayer" Contest Page

Last updated April 24, 2002

Symbol of the Strayers

"I never win anything..."

Here are the entries. Though the contest is now over I'm still looking for sounds (especially female voices) for my Strayers Desktop Theme. Please B. L. me:
Jordyn Trout as Amani
Dan Morales as Cyc
Trey Tacket as Cyc
Connie Smernos as Dixie
Jordyn Trout as Dixie
Connie Smernos as Nitro
Jordyn Trout as Nitro
Dan Morales as Prowler
Trey Tacket as Prowler
Trey Tacket as Puffball
Dan Morales as Shadow
Talon Saurn as Shadow
Marc Weinstein as Shadow
Richard Barrere as Bear
Richard Barrere as Jerry Monks
Richard Barrere as Ross Dole
Kristen Coughlan as Dixie
Kristen Coughlan as Kyla
Kristen Coughlan and Richard Barrere as Dixie and Bear

Get at it gang!

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