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Fading Strayers

Last updated October 29, 1998

Symbol of the Strayers

"I never win anything..."

I'm making another "Strayers" screen saver. I'm not looking for voices (this time I'll just play music in the background) But what I need are pictures. Pictures of the Strayers (Bear, Nitro, Amani, Puffball, Dixie, Prowler, Cyc or Shadow) doing stuff. They don't have to be action shots (though that would be nice) Here are some examples to get you started:
Bear and Nitro's wedding by Elista Adkins.
Bear and Nitro in a quiet by Alex Martinez
Bear and Nitro Looking into the Night Sky by Elista Adkins.

Some time in the future I will go through all the files and decide which ones I like the best and use them. Make sure you sign your pictures so you can get full credit. Please B. L. me all submissions.

Get at it gang!

The first screen saver is complete!
Thanks for all those who sent in submissions.
2.6 Meg/Win 95 of Strayer screen saver!

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