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Well Star Trek has one, Babylon 5 has one so I figure "Strayers" deserved one as well. A timeline helps the fans keep everything in perspective. It is also used to help the writers/producers keep track of what happened when. It helps prevent plot holes and conflicts. Unfotunately, I've always had the timeline for "Strayers" in my head so there are a ton of holes in my stories. But what the hey, I'm going to post a timeline anyway (per Greg Williams' request) Generally, there is about a year between each of the stories (so fans can fill the gaps with their works) So, without any further delay, here is the "Strayers'" timeline... Oh, before I forget. Since I'm basically building this timeline from scratch it is going to take me a while. But if you have any events that have happened in my stories that you would like to see posted here then please feel free to send me some B. L. and I'll see what I can do. Same goes for any author of a fanfic/spin-off that wants to see events from their stories posted here. Enjoy!

"Mad Dog Bounty Hunters" entries by Greg Williams

Nitro's rescue from poachers requested by AndrewS236


Tom Greystone is born


Wesley Hawk is born


Greg Willis is born


Tom's sister, Susan, is murdered. Fired from the FBI after several weeks of heavy drinking. Becomes a drifter


Nitro is rescued from Mark Johnson and Bob Paterson by the Rovers


Beowulf and Saphire are born


"Fur of Dog, Skin of Human, Heart of Hero" takes place

Wesley Hawk quits his job at his father's business after a heated argument and goes to work for Microsoft


"You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks But You Can't Make Him Perform" takes place

"Reconstructive Surgery" (Flashback portion) takes place

Beowulf becomes a Road Rover operative


"Time, Times and Half a Time" takes place

Beowulf looses his right eye

Saphire becomes a Road Rover operative and works as a bounty hunter

Wesley kidnapped by Parvo and saved by the Road Rovers


President Clinton's term in office expires

"Hunterhood: Word Play" takes place

Greg Willis turned into Outlaw

Mad Dog Bounty Hunters formed

Tom turned into Silver


"Universal Problems" takes place


Two months before "Severed Blood" the Mad Dogs and Grizzlies meet for the first time

"Served Blood" takes place

"Tower Of Babel" takes place


"Tower of Babel" takes place

President Clinton is re-elected

Outlaw and Saphire meet and are later married


"Attack of the Killer Inlaws" / "Wedding Bell Blues" takes place

Bear and Nitro are wed on June Sixth

Hubert explains that once a dog goes through the Transdogmafier process they will age that of a human wheher they spend the rest of their life as a Cano-Sapien, canine or both

Buck and Jasmine born

Mad Dogs made immortal by mysterious gem


"Merry #&@% Christmas" takes place


"No Sleep For The Righteous" takes place


"Shaddow Boxing" takes place

"Shadow's Revenge" happens, simultaniously with "Shadow Boxing".
Zenith joins the Strayers in "Shadow Boxing", and is assigned to Unit O.W.N. which is confronted and decimated by Shadow. Zenith survives, to help save get bear's family to Mission Control in "Shadow's Revenge".


"Reconstructive Surgery" (non-Flashback portion) takes place


"Time-Out" takes place

"Just Kidding" takes place


"Final Resting Place" takes place


"Armageddon of the Ancients" takes place


"What goes around comes around" takes place
The Grizzlies are away for a year in the Feloid's alternate universe.


"Loose Ends" takes place


"Leaps of Faith" takes place


"Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow" takes place


"Laodicea" takes place


"Falsification" takes place


"Touch of the Reaper" takes place


"End of an Era" takes place


"Westerlies" takes place


"Bad Vibes" takes place


"Phantoms in the Twilight" takes place


"I'm Turning Japanesa" takes place

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