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Last updated April 18, 2003

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No, this isn't the blooper section of "Strayers". This is the the behind look at the changes in the development of the stories. Where parts were either dropped or changed from their entirity.


In "Timeout" the Stargate team were not originally intended. There was once a website (now defunt) that had a Strayers team I wanted to use (keeping with tradition of using other writer's characters) but there were no responses to my e-mails. Time was too short to try and find another team (and risk another non-response) so we were forced to use SG1.


In "Timeout" a Parody of Deepspace 9 characters were used. It had originally been planned to also use the Original Star Trek, The Next Generation and Voyager characters in this same matter. At each point the Strayers had to give them a password, which they accidently did not get (they would have to figure it on their own) before they could make it to the space station where the Time Transporter was stored. But due to pacing issues this was later dropped.

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