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Symbol of the Strayers

"Strayers Know Where They Are Going..."


Here are some of the documented adventures the Grizzly Strayer unit:
"Fur of Dog, Skin of Human, Heart of Hero": This is a Road Rover script of mine that introduces Bear, explains his past, shows us how he became a Cano-Sapien and sets up the Strayer concept.

"You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks But You Can't Make Him Perform": My script about Bear as he forms the Grizzly Strayer Unit and we are introduced to Nitro, Amani and Puffball. Something is happening in Barron Falls. Animals are disappearing left a right. Are they from hungry aliens or some worse? Read this story and find out.

"Time, Times and Half a Time": This is another Road Rover script of mine where the Grizzly Strayer unit shows up to help the Rovers save some of the lives of the "Road Rovers".

"Severed Blood": It centers around the Grizzlies pursuing an old enemy. Along the way Nitro finds her pack, Bear spills his guts about Nitro and even Amani gets into the act. But watch out for the ending, it will blow you away! After this one the Grizzlies will never be the same!

"Attack of the killer In-Laws!": At last, the script that the fans have been demanding. Bear and Nitro's wedding! And, keeping with the Strayer tradition, it isn't going to be a simple wedding: We're going all on for this one. A slew of villians! Battles! Action! Romance! Twists and turns all the way! And even a miricle or too! Don't miss it!!!

"Wedding Bell Blues": This didn't turn out to be the wedding Nitro had hoped for. True, not many weddings go off without a hitch but this is beyond that. For one thing the groom is dead! Worse yet it looks like RRMC is possessed with something from the neather world and Nitro is about to follow Bear in death! Check it out to see if anyone can survive this one!

"Shadow Boxing": Prowler is dead, the Honeymoon is over between Nitro and Bear and the world needs saving. The Grizzlies think they have problems now but they haven't seen anything yet. They are about to come up against a more awsome foe then they could ever have imagined. You asked for it and you got it. Bear's true past is revealed at last!

"Reconstructive Surgery": Every year at the same time Bear disappears for two weeks. No one knows where he goes or what he does, not even his wife Nitro. But that is all about the change! Come along and learn his secret while he relives his first adventure as a dog. Also get some answers to some of the most puzzling questions regarding "Strayers" (Like what happened to the original Cycle Rover)

"Time-Out": Shadow is gone, Bear and Nitro are raising their family and all is as it should be... Or is it? In semi-retirement these parents discover nothing lasts forever, not even peace. As they race of to save the universe it is up to a new generation of Strayers to protect the world!

"You have got to be kidding": It is indeed a dire time. All hope is lost. Pain and misery has fell across the land. The will to live is no longer there. It is the most tragic and devestating time ever... The Strayer Cable Network needs new shows! Once again it is up to the Staryers to save the day (and the ratings) They come forth and share with us their unique collection of self produced shows! But be warned, this story is not for the meek (and hunmorless) at heart!

"Final Resting Place": Once again the Grizzlies save the day, but at what cost? An old skeleton from their past comes back to haunt them all. Meanwhile, Bear is haunted by something he thought he had long since buried. All these things will come together either to strengthen them all or destroy them!

"Armageddon Of The Ancients": After a devestating war the Rovers are off on a peace mission and Puffball is out of action. It is up to Nitro, Bear and Amani to mind the store. Yet being spread all round the world they will come together somehow. Also, a new love will come into Exile's life and an old menace returns to make everyone's life miserable. The world is on the brink of Armageddon! Who will be able to save it?

"What Comes Around Goes Around": A new evil force presents itself in the galaxy, one responsible for the disappearances of several Space Rovers spacecraft including the Space Rovers themselves! The Road Rovers are dispatched to investigate while the Grizzlie embark on a different mission: Face an old ally or a new foe. Which will it be?

"Loose Ends": The Strayer family has growing pains. We welcome some new members but alas have to say farewell to some close friends. While this is happening the Grizzlies have to check out some strange happenings in nature. Tad, Bear's son, has his first adventure and the Rovers are off on a diplomatic mission. Watch out! This one is a real tear jerker that could tear Bear and his team apart once and for all!

"Leaps of Faith": This looks like it is the end. After years of working side by side as husband and wife Bear and Nitro calls it quits! If that isn't bad enough now a new menance enters the picture. A force so devestating it risks destroying everything that the Rovers and Strayers have work so hard to build! It could this be the end of life as we know it?

"Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow": After 18 years of service the Grizzies call it quits, they are retiring. But The Master has one more mission for them. A really important one (saving the world usually is) but the fate of the world lies in a myterious figure. Meanwhile, the Rovers are suspended from duty and are threatened with disbanment all together just because they can't follow Hunter's advice: "Can't we just get along?" Join the gang on there very last mission!

"Tower of Babel": It is after "Severed Blood". Nitro and Bear's inpeding mariage is quickly approaching... Or rather, Nitro and Rabid's. Thanks to The Admiral Bear is now a Wolf-Mutant. This is one of their last missions before they go on hiatus for their wedding. In it the Grizzlies foils the plans of Parvo and Groomer once again. They are sick and tired of their meddlings but what can they try that they haven't before? A mystrerious stranger steps forward to give them some ideas. When they are done one the Staryers will be lost forever! But at a cost. Mean while, the Road Rovers hit the road to find more recruits for their cause. Plus much more!

"Laodicia": Were back in the normal time frame. Bear and Nitro are off training new Strayers in England while Amani and her new love, Ben Walton, are working on developing new Strayer equipment together. All the while Puffball hangs with Outsider. Sounds kind of dull doesn't? Well, don't count on it! As always, the gang gets its muzzle where it doesn't belong and before you know it they are off battling terrorists and some old enemies! Plus much more!

"Falsification": The Collies (the Old Grizzlies) have their work cut out for them in England. The government has called them up on a special case that if not solved could destroy England itself! Along the way, they will run across an old friend and and an old enemy. One filled with so much hate that the fate of the Strayers is in question. Meanwhile, the New Grizlies fight to keep a deep dark secret buried. A secret so deep and so dark it could spell the end of Bear and Nitro forever! Don't miss it!

"Touch of the Reaper": The Collies (the Old Grizzlies) are still in England saving the day, but this time the world is in the balance! It is a race to an ancient artifact that could leave some baddies master of the world! Along the way someone creeps out of Bear's past. Are they friend or foe? Meanwhile, the New Grizlies have to battle some old phantoms themselves. The past is really hard to live down. Also, Monique and Barb have an adventure of their own but it is anything but fun! That and much more! You don't want to miss any of it!

"End of an Era": The Collies are back in America on Dixie's tail! While they are here The Master asks them to go after Viri. She is up to no good but what exactly is not sure. But Bear has enough problems as the past comes to haunt him! Meanwhile, the Grizzlies (Tad's group) are sent out to learn maritime rescues but all is not what it seems. Finally, Nitro decides to take some R&R with her pack but that is kind of hard with her sister missing! There is more but you'll have to read the story to find out!

"Westerlies": The Admiral and his Wolf-Mutnat goons are back with a vengence and getting the Collies' fur up! But this time around it appears that his only plan is to get the Strayers out of the picture once and for all! He plans on doing this by sending them to a place where they can never bother him again. It is a desperate time for the Collies. Not so much where they are sent them but in what condition. It is so aweful and dreaded that... that... that... Oh, I can't talk about it. You will just have to read it for yourself!

"Bad Vibes": Once again as the Collies are about to head off on vacation when the Master calls them up for special duty. But this is no ordinary mission. It is not just to save the United States or the world, but the entire universe itself! They must team up with some old friends in order to get the job done. Meanwhile, Puffball goes missing and you will never guess who is behind it! Some great sacrifices will have to be made by all in order to save the universe. You don't want to miss this one!

"Phantoms in the Twilight": What could cause Nitro to up and leave in the middle of the night for no apparent reason? Is she sick and tire of Bear? Does she hate her job? Is she feeling the call of the wild? Well, it is up to Bear and the gang to track her down and find out after she steals from them! Has she gone completely off her rocker or is there a method to her madness? You will have to read this one to find the answer!

New! "I'm Turning Japanesa!": In order to discover why the Road Rovers are so successful at what they do while other Rover units see nothing but failure, one parent is brought into RRMC to see if it was the way they were brought up or genetic. In the process their most imbarrassing and intiment secrets are revealed! Meanwhile, the Collies are sent off to Japan on special undercover assignment. In order to fit in they are to under go an extreme transformation: They are turned in Anime characters! Who will crack first? Read this story top find out!

New! "Born To Follow!": The Grizzlies are sent out to escort a brilliant scientist back to RRMC who could solve the world's energy problems. But things get complicate when Bear is replaced as leader! Meanwhile, the crack reporting team of Monique and Barb are on the tail of a crooked construction contractor but things don't go their way. In fact, a conflict from within may tear them apart! Also along for the ride are Carmi and Tad who are off breaking in a new green Strayer team but things aren't going so well and they consider they may be doing more harm than good. Will these three teams be changed forever? Read this to find out!

New! "Whispers From The Past!": The Grizzlies are put on inactive duty: Bear is sent off to meet an old friend, Nitro and Dixie have to play nice or end up counting snowflakes, Amani must go bury a relative while dodging her tribe and Monique and Barb are on another hot story that will lead to destruction! This is a must read!

New! "Sacrifice of the Heart!": The story begins back when Bear and Nitro were training at the academy but ends with the death of someone close. Yet, both events are connected somehow. Plus Kyla and friends have an adventure of her own and Natalie gives birth but at a terrible price! Read on!

New! "The Walkabout!": If the death of his son was bad enough, Bear must face an even worse crisis! He discovers that what he held dear to him doesn't seem that important any more. In order to get his life back in perspective he goes on a leave of absence and heads out into the world to find himself. But as always, things don't end up like they are suppose to and Bear ends up up to his tail in a mystery dealing with a woman from his past!

New! "Year in the Life!": We go through a year in the life of the Strayers. Seeing how the spend their holidays with one another. We witness the love, anger and struggles with life and even death.

New! "Bark Wars - A New Joke": Put on your platform shoes and grab your pet rock because it is the 70's once again (The horror... The horror...) The Road Rovers are celebrating by starring in a parody of Star Wars! May the Farce be with you!

New! "You Can Never Go Home!": When returning from a mission in deep space the Road Rovers and Bear are sucked away by a vortex and transported to another world where they come face to face with the ledgenary ThunderCats. A group of super powered felines on the same planet with super powered canines. Do I need to say more?

New! "Road Rovers Reboot!": Superman did it, ThunderCats did it, Spiderman did it (Twice). So why can't the Rovers reboot their franchise? Of course, this isn't an official reboot but how I envision the reboot for the show. This time around the Rovers are a bit darker and there are more twists along the way. I hope you enjoy my effort.

Here are some alternative stories:
"Merry #&@% Christmas!": This is the way I in vision a Road Rover Christmas Special to be.

"Steward and Stef: The Evil Years": What if the "Road Rovers" were replaced by different dogs. I believe it would go something like this.

Here are some other Strayer scripts by other authors. But these are not fanfics. The stories are mine but the scripting was done by someone else:
"Mr. Strayer Goes To Washington": The Grizzlies are pulled out of the southwest and dispatched to Washington DC to handle a direct threat to the government. Matt has written this script with a different twist which I highly aprove of.

"Hunterhood: Word Play!": What this? Hunter in tights? Colleen is a maid? Shag can speak? What is going on here? The Rovers along with the "Strayers" find themselves back in the Dark Ages. But where is Bear and Nitro? You'll just have to read this script freelanced by Andrew F. Hallmen who authenticates the time period very well.

"Universal Problems!": Have the Rovers gone mad! They've drugged the Grizzlies (along with Dixie and Prowler), locked them in a holding cell aboard the Space Rover (spaceship) and have taken the craft to parts unknown: Deep space! They meet up with a strange probe which seems to be taking up all their attention. Join the "Strayers" as they learn the mystery behind this bizare tale as Matthew Bentley freelances this story like a pro (this guy knows more about "Strayers" than I do!)

"No Sleep For The Righteous": Come along and discover what is bothering Bear. He's a drunk now in a deep depression. No one can pull him out of it. Not the Rovers. Not the "Strayers" Not his friends. Not even Nitro because she is the one that is the cause of his depression! Freelance writer U.N. Owen guides us through this off beat story with authority. A great style.

New! "Alienation!" and "Love at First Bite!": Come and read the very first Road Rover comicbook ever (at least the first one made by me!) A strange unstoppable spaceship is heading for earth! All atempts to stop it have failed so it is up the the Rovers to save the day! But before they can they have to deal with some old baddies from the past!

Fan Based Works:

Fan Force: Abomination of the Lurker! Well, this isn't a true Strayer story but Bear and Nitro do show up in it. You have probably read Fan Fiction. Well here is a story that is fiction about fans (Road Rover and Strayer). Feeling blue about Rovers being canceled? This will pick up your spirits! It is penned by Daniel Morales.

Fan Force II: Haywire! Here is the sequel to Fan Force. But this time the "Road Rovers" and "Strayers" even the score. This was penned by Greg Williams. Pass it along to another fan.

Fan Force III: Doggy A TV netwrok producer declares war on the toons starting with the "Road Rovers" and the RRS channel and the fans are his prime target.

"Friends In Trouble": The UN has been taken captive and the Grizzlies are called to save the day. Bear must face the Rover's old enemy: Captain Storm! Again Bear must go into battle for justice against an awsome foe and his entire army. But this doesn't scare Bear as nearly as much as having to tell Nitro they have to do it on their aniversary! Penned by c and Brian Myers, two writers who waste no time in getting the story flowing and who can get the characters down pat. A very good story.

"A Strayer In King Arthur's Court": I think the title says it all. Read this story by Eric Sharp.

"The Trailing Beast: Dark Lies and Truths of the Past": Set between Severed Blood and Wedding Bell Blues this is a story of Ricky, the new recruit. But like most Strayer stories things do not seem as they appear. A wonderful story interwoven brilliantly into the Strayer lore. A story by Ricky Galahad.

"Night Of The Prowler": The Grizlies must save NASA from the Eliminiator. A cool story by Nick Myers.

"From the Diary of Bear Today": Here is a Diary which Bear kept shortly after he was turned into a Cano-Sapien. It is authored by U.N. Owen.

"Howling In The Knight": Mix "Strayers" and Knight Rider and you will end up with this delightful story of action, romance and talking vehicles. A story by Trey Tackett

"Strayers Squared": The "Strayers" find themselves squaring off with themselves in an alternate universe. But that is not all that has changed. A twisting story by Trey Tackett

"To Protect the Innocent from Evil": The Mad Dogs join the Strayer for action and priacy on the high seas! The newest US aircraft carrier is hijacked and it is up to the Mad Dogs and "Strayers" to get it back. Written by Greg "Mad Dog" Williams.

"Ghosts From The Past": There is a new mysterious character in RRMC called the Phanton. He's got his sights set on Nitro, Dixie and Star. But deep below this lies his true motives. A story by Justin "Phantom" Levens.

"Twice as Much Trouble, Twice as Much Pain": Ricky is back to save the day. This time around he, the "Strayers" and Rovers have to deal with Havoc. But there is more too it than meets the eye. Once again Ricky Galahad intertwines the Strayer lore brilliantly into the story.

"Battle Royale": Well, it's mostly a Road Rover story but has parts of the Strayer universe and is a darn good story so I'm posting it. In an alternate dimension Parvo is not only master of his universe but of several others. It's up to the Rovers and "Strayers" to stop him! Written by Daniel J. Fahl.

"In The Dog House": It has finally happened! Thanks to Parvo Bear is a dog now... A real dog! And because of this his personality, memories and feelings are quickly fading away and being replaced by pure canine instincts. Soon, it will be unreversable! It's up to the Grizlies to return Bear back to how he was. A nail biting drama by Trey Tackett.

"Dixie Blade": Bear has been framed for murder and now every bounty hunter alive is on his trail! Can he clear himself before he is captured? Story by Greg Williams.

"The Strayers Greatest Monster!!!": A monster is on the loose, Bear and the gang must stop it before it kills again! By Broko Willom (

"The World Is Between Life and Death!!!": The gang continues to battle Parvo, Havoc and Storm while shocking revelations surface between Colleen and Blitz. ;o) By Broko Willom (

"Oh What A Tangeld Web": The Phantom shows his evil side and turns to a life of crime. It is up to the Strayers to bring him to justice. A story by Justin "Phantom" Levens. (

"Strayers 2000": The evil vile goes back into time from 2038 forty years to kill the original Strayers thus destroying the Strayers 2000! Who can stop him? A story by Brian Myers. (

"Shadow's Killing": Shadow goes on a killing spree and it is up the gang to stop them! By Truck Killo (")

"Warewolf Curse": The werewolves are back and terrorizig London again. It is up to the Rovers and Strayers to stop them! By Jakes Jones (

"Generation Gap": Intruders break into the Rover's base. But the question isn't who they are but when they are from. By Peter Fadul (

"Bear's Brand New KARR": Cyc the star of the show? He is this time around. He faces off with an evil KARR unit in the control of Ross Dole. A story by Trey Tackett

"Shadow's Revenge": Zenith, a Strayer-in-training, and her unit set out to learn the ways of the Strayers. In the process they learn a valuable but painful lesson: Revenge! A story by Marc Weinstein.

"War Without End": The Grizzlies and Maddogs go after Parvo when he invents a new and deadly weapon. Things go awry and the gang ends up in a last place they never thought they would. A story by Greg Williams.

"Light Soul Darkening": The Grizzlies and Rovers set off once again to battle Parvo, but this time a around they come back with something they never dreamed of: F-O-X! A story by Red Fox.

"The Man": A new a powerful dude has entered the picture. A story by Philip Lee.

"Heart of the Machine": The Grizzlies find a dying dog and it is all up to Fox to save him! A story by Red Fox.

"Nature's Wrath": The Storm Corps is back! Story by Greg Williams.

"Virtual Termination": A story by Red Fox a.k.a. ImFaruqi (

"The New Strayer": There is a new dog in town. Is he good or just plain evil? Read this story and find out for yourself. It is written by Philip (

"Parvo's Machine of Chaos": Parvo is out on the loose again and this time he is gunning for the Strayers. They have something he wants. Something he needs. It is... Nah, that would be tell! You'll have to read this story, it is written by Philip (

"Storm's Way of Storming": Storm is free once more and at it again! Not only is he after the Rovers but the Strayers as well! But this time he has some special help from above. Read this story, it is written by Philip (

Symbol of Staryers Next

"Strayers Next: Exception to the Rules": There is a new spin-off in town who are here to help the Strayers! But are they a help or a burden? Read this story and find out for yourself. It is written by Okichi Obari (

"Strayers Next: Vengeance of a Shadow": Nitro a traitor? Say it isn't so! It is up to Bear and the new Strayers to clear her name. But if that isn't bad enough: Bear is being staked by an unseen assassin! What will happen? Read this story and find out. It is written by Okichi Obari (

"STRAYERS TRY: Super Magical Pretty Girls": Yes! The moment you have been waiting for! Better than a Sailor Pets epsiode! Who needs the Rovers? Who needs the Strayers? When you can have Super Magical Pretty Girls! YAY!!! Join them in their first adventure! This was written by Okichi Obari (

"Foxtrot Uniform": The Rovers and Strayers go in to save the day, but an ancestor of Nitro, Wolfeye, begins his plans to destroy all the competition to the throne of the Migatuas Pack for revenge, using and manipulating anyone to this end. However, the Strayers gain an unlikely ally from within the enemy forces. Will Bear, Nitro and their friends be able survive Wolfeye's "Foxtrot Uniform" operation or will the ancestor get his revenge? This is a story by Gerhard Naude (

"Misfits of Time": BJ and the gang are forced back in time and meet up with their ancestors much to BJ's dismay. Story by Greg W.

"Deadly Competition": Bear must pose as a racecar driver in order to investigate the attempted murder of a fellow Cano-Sapien. Can Bear stop this murder before he stikes again or will he be the next victim? This is written by Shawn Tigges. (

"Another Government Secret": Basicly in the story the Road Rovers, the Strayers, and the Lone Dog team discover an army base where Cano-sapiens are plotting against Humans. This is by Kristen Coughlan (

"Two Of A Kind": This story takes place after "Fur of Dog, Skin of Human, Heart of Hero" but before "You can teach an old dog new tricks but you can't make him preform" Eldon and Bear team up on a mission to stop some robers. But not just ANY robbers. Check it out for yourself. This is by Eric Sharp (

"A Straying Shadow": A mysterious figure appears to hunt down one of the Rovers. The situation is so bad that the Strayers let some of the baddies go so they can rush back and protect their own. Who is this strange figure? What does he want? Read this story and find out. This is by Richard Barrere (

"Truth About History": Parvo sets out to finish what he started! To destroy Mike (see The New Strayer) With the Rovers and the Strayers. Read this story to see for yourself, it is written by Philip (

"Lightning Goes A Long Way": Another Mike story (

"Revenge Comes So Swiftly": More of Mike (

"Broken Ties": A new Strayer comes to the gang in an odd way. Is he friend or foe? Read this to find out (

"Your Loved Ones": Parvo crosses the like and Mike can't take it anymore! (

"The Day The World Falls": Parvo is still at it, trying to take over the world, and it is up to the Strayers to stop him with a little help! (


Calling all artists! Calling all artists! Since I lack all artistic talent (except for writing) I need your help. I want to populate this page with multimedia items. I need drawings of how the characters might look, I need music on how the opening and closing credits might sound (maybe even theme music for each character), I need anything to compliment this page. If you have something to offer send it to me. I can't offer any money but what I can give you is a place to share your work (here) and full on screen credit. Submissions can be sent to me by clicking on old B.L. here: B. L..

Hope you enjoyed my little effort here.

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