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Last updated May 28, 1998

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"I never win anything..."

At least once a week I get in the mail a "You might already be a winner" letter or promises of some fat drunken guy coming to visit my home with this oversized check (you ever try to cash one of those things?) I usually promptly store these with the rest of my junk mail (in the trash) But finally, there was a contest you can't toss into the garbage (because it is a web page) No sending in forms, no going down to dealerships, no scratching off gray boxes. This contest was real simple (my kind) I needed a song that Bear could use to serenade Nitro at their wedding. Since I have no musical ability what so ever I decided to let the fans do all my dirty work (Aren't I nice?) The only requirement was that the song had to be original (Not plagerized!) When it came time to write that part of the script I went through all the submissions and picked out the best one (in my opinion) Unlike other contests, this one had another unique feature. The winner of this contest received no prize whatsoever. Unfortunately, I don't work for Warner Bros. and can't afford the really neat stuff. What the winner did get is recognition (I posted their name and song here) plus their song appeared in Wedding Bell Blues (gee, what an honor) Pretty cheesy, huh? But so is life. And without any further ado, the winner of the contest is... Greywolf Lupous! YAY!!! And here is her song:

Pasts once were presents
The present is the past
I'm telling you
Our love is made to last
All I can hand you
Is my golden heart
I promise you
We'll never be apart
Now listen closely here
On the month after May
I love you dear
Our love will never fade away
So I bend on one knee
One thing on my mind
Will you Nitro please
Come out and marry me

I think it was a worthy winner. Congratulations to Greywolf Lupous and thanks to all that entered!

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