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My Scripts:

Yes, like many people, at one time I thought I had what it takes to be a writer. But like most, I ended in reality. Here are a few of my attempts - more are coming (I'm converting them from my old Apple system). My efforts don't have a lot of messages or symbolism. Just good old fashion entertainment! I hope you find some enjoyment in them.

My Film Scripts:

PART TIME PARDON (272K) - 1989.
The best way to describe "Part Time Pardon" is if you took "Indiana Jones", made him a woman and place her in space. This story has lots of action, puzzles and narrow escapes. It stars Dorrine Kapok, a tough hard nosed criminal serving a life sentence in one of the many mining prisons of the Authority, the police of this sector of space. She gets a break that could turn around her life. But, as usual, it looks more like it could end her life then anything. It isn't soon after Dorrine longs to be a prisoner again.

Dan Forest: Superduper Secret Agent Spy (34K) - 1988. It's a half serious/half satire on spy pictures. Dan Forest is a typical American male who has a crush on the heroine from the DAMN (Destroyers of All Mean and Nasties) series, Heather Jones (a really bad spy movie series filled with bad puns and illogical escapes) But in Dan's pursuit to meet Heather he runs across a real international ring of spies that have plans for Heather and her firends. It is up to Dan to save the day!

Star Wars: The Earth Connection - Episode I: "Formation of Alliances" (282K) - 1996. Here is a "Star Wars" spin-off I've been batting around my head for a while (ever since the movie premiered) and have just put down on paper. It stars me (hey, who else could play me?), the "Star Wars" gang and a whole bunch of Storm Troopers. You can tell by the title it is set in the current date and time. This is one of my What If stories (it doesn't follow the "Star Wars" story line) Basically it asks what if the "Star Wars" gang came to Earth. Lots of action and I even get to save Leia! I think this is a fairly good effort.

Shades of Light: Demise (159K) - 2002. Here is my first crack at D&D! And to everyone's shock I'm not in this one! :) It is the ultimate sibling rivalry! Two sisters, one set on destroying her world the other set on saving it... Well, if it isn't two much trouble. There are great battles! Lots of magic (well, my version of it)! Trechary! Death and Destruction! What more could you want? It is a stonge effort all the way up to the end, but I had no choice. Had to set up the other stories in the series that are wizing around in my head.

Shades of Light: Deceit (148K) - 2004. Finally, episode two in this series. We pick up on our heronine's training as she can retake her throne back from her evil sister. She learns to fight, defend and most of all think. But she also learns about betrayal, first hand. This story doesn't have have as much action or D&D but there are a lot of twist and turns along the way. The ending may surprise you... But no promises!

Shades of Light: Retribution (147K) - 2004. I can't believe it, episode three, this is a first for me! We continue with Jezokin's quest to regain her throne. With her new side kick, Marrina, she doesn't get very far before she locks horns with a new blockade. A warrior, a true warrior. Is she there to help them or destroy them? You'll read and see for yourself. This story returns to more D&D and some new lore of my universe.

Shades of Light: Alliances (138K) - 2004. Just when you think everything is going fine... Wham! Two of your best generals disappear off the face of Yevalori! At least that is what Jezokin is thinking. Did aliens abduct them? No, it is much worse than that. You will just have to read it to find out what happened to Toracoti and Marrina! Check out the two great fight scenes at the end and the new races that I have introduced. This one is pretty cool!

Shades of Light: Confessions (144K) - 2004. Ever wonder what the opposite of a Restorationer is? Well read this story and find out! Basically the gang goes head to head with my version of a vampire. It is up to Kewike to save the Falling! Meanwhile, Marrina has problems of her own namely her conscious. A Vagabond with a Conscious? Who would have figured? This one has the first Formulist vs Formulist battle, it turned out rather cool!

Shades of Light: Fatality (145K) - 2004. If you thought things were bad in the past for Jezokin you haven't seen anything yet! Both Toracoti and Marrina are taken out of the picture and it is up to her and Dantaron to save them... Dantaron! But he is a cook! Well in this installment he shines through, and even Jezokin sees him in a new light. We even learn a deep dark sercet about her. Shhh, don't tell anyone. Again not a lot of D&D here but some pretty cool monsters and some build up to the final episode.

Shades of Light: War (139K) - 2004. Here it is, the exciting conclusion to the series! Jezokin faces off with sister in all out war! There are battles, magic an treachery! Not everyone will survive! Check it out and see how it all ends! Not the best story in the series but it is still kind of fun! But is is kind of sad to see the gang go, they are kind of like family. Enjoy!

Dawn of Darkness: Underworld (151K) - 2004. Here is my second attempt at D&D! This is more along the lines of tradional, the star is a female type Paladin. Set out into the world by a secret order to fight evil and help the innocent, she finds more than enough work to keep her busy. With her trusted comrades by her side she must fight off an evil sorceress, her master and an entire race bent on her destruction! I have thrown a lot of lore, anncient races and fighting. This one makes you really think, I'm quite proud of it.

Shards of a Kingdom: Friend or Foe (240K) - 2004. Yet another D&D story but it is even further from traditional story. No real magic at all. Here we find four enemies teaming up in a common cause to save a dying kingdom. But things are not always as they seem, there are a few twist and turns along the way. This story is okay, I was pretty burned out on this gerne after the Shades of light series so I think it would have been better if I had wrote some other types of stories first but it is still fun.

Laramie Walker: Key to the Past (128K) - 2005. Here I'm branching off into a new gere, westerns. Laramie tries to retreive a key to a safety deposit box out in the old west. The box contains all that reamins of her late father. But her nemesis, Paris, wants it all to herself. She will do anything to get her paws on it. But along the way Laramie will learn a deep dark secret from her past that she was never intended to discover! I really like this one. It has the standard twists and turns but I really loved writing the dialong between these two enemies.

Laramie Walker: Snake Eyes (160K) - 2005. This starts where the previous story left off. Paris and Laramie team up to track down their fortunte for the thugs that stole it. Though a lawman has his sites on more than just money that put our heroines in peril. I like the action action in this one and how I developed the relationship between the two main stars.

Pirates, Ratzis and Aeroplanes: Nightmares (208K) - 2006. This story is set in an alternive reality. During workd war II to best friends head to Euorpe as cargo pilots trying to help the war effort. But in a mishap one of them has horrible nightmares that is slowly driving her insane. The only way to correct this is to face her worse fears. In the process they will battle pirates, nazis and even each other. This was a blast to write since I kind of got to create my own world history. Lots of action and laughs. This one has perhaps my most favorite villains.

Pirates, Ratzis and Aeroplanes: Betrayal (172K) - 2006. In this sequel the villainess gets the last word, or at least at the beginning. Our heroines are shot down in the frozen mountains left to freeze to death. But they are rescued by the least like of people. There their forge an uneasy alliance to right the terrible wrong. This one was fun to write since I got to bring back most of the cast. Lots of things going on here.

The Black Swan (224K) - 2006. A prim and proper girl sets out to find the treasure of a life time but things change when she runs into a heroine who turns out not to be that nice. They team up to find the treasure but the enemies of their past want the booty for themselves. Now it is a race to who can get to it first. This is like a cross between a pirate movies and Indian Jones. Lots of action and fun.

Framentation (172K) - 2006. A girl wakes up in a hotel room with no recall who she is or how she got there. As the story unfolds she has been framed for a murder from the most unlikely of people. While she has to evade the pursuit of the police she discovers this is more than a murder. This is one I have been wanting to do for a long time. If you pay close attention you can figure out what is really happening before the ending. I loved this one!

STAR WARS: Dirk Derlin - Cold Shoulder! (264K) - 2015. I remeber after watching The Empire Strikes Back I looked through the end credits and I saw a credit for Major Derlin. Major Derlin? I didn't remember such a character in the movie so I did a little research and found out who he was. His part was so small yet he got screen credit it made me wonder maybe there were other scenes that got cut from the film. Wondering what they would have been I put my thoughts to paper so here is what I came up with. In writing this story I played it differently. It takes place within the context of the movie but from different points of view (you will have to read it to understand). I know that with how huge the Star Wars franchasie is (movies, video games, TV shows, etc.) that this character has probably expanded beyond this one film but I never checked, heck I even came up with a first name for him. Hope you enjoy.

My TV Scripts:

Nine-Tenths of the Law... (79K) - 1990. My first (and only) script I've ever submitted for publication (which got rejected). It is a Star Trek: Next Generation story. Nothing deep here, just that the Enterprise gets hijacked! But be warned this is a little outdated (it has Wesley and O'Brien in it), but it is still good.

Possession! (70K) - 1990. This is part two of "Nine-Tenths of the Law..."

The Two Faces of Ossar (87K) - 1990. This is a Star Trek: Next Generation script with a twist (if I told you I would ruin it). It's not as good as "Nine-Tenths" but still an above average script.

South American Rat (59K) - 1990. This is an unfinished Macgyver script I started a long time ago. Traitors, revolutions and gadgets. What can I say? You can save the entire world with only a Swiss Army Knife.

Road Wars: Episode I - The Blacktop Menace (123K) - 1999. This is from one of my favorite cartoons, The Angry Beavers. In this one the Beavers hit the road to see the famed Gamerzilla! The biggest, badest, buffedest, beaver that ever was! Of course, along the way they get side tracked... A lot! Though this story doesn't share the craziness of the show I think it does match the level of humor. I'm quite pleased with the end result.

THUNDERCATS LEGACY: Heart of the Tempest! (176K) - 2011. This is my partial reboot of the 1980's cartoon ThunderCats. The super hero felines run across a strange crystal with amazing powers but will they be used for good or evil? Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra sends the mutants on an quest to obtain the most evil and vile thing there is to be used to destroy the ThunderCats!

THUNDERCATS GENESIS: Phantoms of War! (108K) - 2011. This is my full reboot of the 1980's cartoon ThunderCats. Most of the story takes place on Thundera and introduces the updated verions of the ThunderCats, there enemies and touches on some subplots and schemes that will be expanded in later stories.

T.U.F.F. PUPPY: Sibling Rivalry (52K) - 2013. I wrote this back in 2013 when I was really hooked on the show. I finished it then but never posted it for some reason. I wrote it before Katty appeared on the show which why her name and her other aspects are incorrect.

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